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How to prevent Sinusitis?

Don't wait for sinusitis to attack. BEAT IT. It is always better to prevent sinusitis from attacking rather than trying to recover from its severity.

Sinusitis is the inflammation of para-nasal sinuses due to a viral, bacterial and fungal infection. The best way of preventing sinusitis attack is minimizing the prevalence and exposure to its.

Beside it being a serious medical concern, if untreated sinusitis can lead to less productivity and low performance. Symptoms such as headache, tiredness and fever lead to sleepless nights for sinusitis sufferers.

There are certain habits that you must eliminate in order to prevent sinusitis. There are also foods and environmental factors that are not good if you suffer from sinusitis.

Here are certain measures you can take to prevent Sinusitis -

Although preventing sinusitis may sound impossible, there are means to lessen its severity and frequency as well as preventing it from becoming chronic.

Here are top tips on how to prevent sinusitis:

  • Most cases of sinusitis are reported to be caused by an allergic reaction to certain allergens like pollen and molds. Inflammation in the nose caused by allergies and colds predisposes a patient to having a strong reaction to all irritants. Therefore, treating allergies and colds remain the best key to prevent sinus disorders.
  • Increased amount of fluids in your body, especially water, will help the functioning of the immune system. Drink a minimum of at least six glasses of pure water each day, it's a good start to healthy living. Water increases the amount of moisture in the body and helps to prevent congestion. It also helps to thin the mucus for proper drainage.
  • Another key to preventing nasal disorders is to moisten the air in your home. Your sinuses drain better when air is moist. Humidifiers can better increase moisture in the air of your home. Air conditioners are also good way of stabilizing the temperature.
  • Environmental pollution has never been associated with anything good, neither shall it be. Exposure to polluted environments and contaminated air may irritate the nasal passages and aggravate your sinusitis. Chemicals and strong fumes may irritate your sinus linings. Keep your surroundings clean.
  • For healthy sinuses, you need to eliminate smoking habits. Tobacco and smog is famous of causing irritation of the sinus lining which causes bad drainage of mucus, as well as causing your sinus to become congested. Cigarette smoke may open ways for many other disorders such as snoring, ear infections, sore throats etc. In fact, tobacco smoke is more problematic to the entire respiratory system.
  • Most alcohol consumers suffer a great deal of ear, nose or throat infection. It is amazing how even casual consumption of alcohol can cause nasal and sinus membranes to swell, exposing them to irritation and infection. Often beer is the offending drink.
  • Air travel may cause problems for an individuals suffering from acute or chronic sinusitis. A bubble of air gets trapped within the body and expands as the air pressure in a plane reduces. This expansion causes pressure on the surrounding tissues and can result in the blockage of the Eustachian tubes (tube connecting ear to pharynx). The result may be discomfort in the sinuses or in the middle ear during the plane's ascent or descent. Doctors recommend using decongestant nose drops or inhalers before the flight to avoid this discomfort.
  • Sinusitis-prone people may be uncomfortable in a chlorine treated swimming pool as it irritates the lining of the nose and sinuses. Exaggerated exposure to chlorinated water may also cause other complications such a swimmer's ear. For sinusitis purposes, you must swim sparingly or use protective ear plugs.
  • Other activities such as diving need to be minimized for the sake of healthy respiratory system. Divers often experience congestion which results in an infection where water is forced into the sinuses from the nasal passages.

Furthermore, good hygiene is the bottom line for good health. Bacterial and viral infections is the most common cause of sinusitis, therefore the risk of getting them needs to be reduced by carefully monitored hygiene such as frequent hand wash with soap and water.

Other measures you can take to prevent sinusitis include:

  • Minimize consumption of dairy products - An excessive consumption of dairy products may thicken mucus and narrow your nasal passages causing pain and headaches.

  • Take many hot showers and inhale steam - This will loosen your mucus and moisten your throat, enabling proper drainage of the nasal cavities.

  • Avoid temperature extremes - Very high and low, or sudden changes in temperature will increase sinus pain.











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